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Fav characters? Discord, Applejack, Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Princess Celestia, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle, Princess Cadance, Cheese Sandwich, Coloratura, Moondancer, Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, Seabreeze and Lord Tirek

Least fav characters? Angel, Lightning Dust, Principal Cinch, Princess Luna, Starlight Glimmer, Prince Blueblood, Flash Sentry, Diamond Tiara, Babs Seed, Snips, Snails and that cherry vendor from Putting Your Hoof Down

Fav background pony? Minuette

Least fav background pony? Derpy. By default, that is.

Fav Mane Six member? Applejack.

Least fav Mane Six member? Probably Rainbow Dash, again by default. I don't dislike any of the Mane Six.

Fav CMC? Sweetie Belle

Least fav CMC? Probably Apple Bloom. By default.

Fav princess? Twilight. (Excellent plan in Twilight's Kingdom, Celestia, to give all your magic to the most competent princess in the room!) But at a close second, Cadance. She's like an older sister who just turned 18 and is trying (and most of the time, succeeding) to be mature, while also putting large amounts of effort into maintaining her relationship with Twilight. Plus for a stereotypical pink pony princess, she's pretty damn gorgeous.

Least fav princess? Luna. One, her fanbase is insane. Two, she's boring as hell. And three, she put all of Equestria in danger just so she could continue wallowing in her stupid guilt instead of getting psychological help.

Most overrated character? Luna. ^^^

Most underrated character? Sombra.

Fav season? Season 4

Least fav season? Season 1, but by default once again.

Fav episode? Twilight's Kingdom. But Tanks for the Memories comes at a close second.

Least fav episode? Putting Your Hoof Down. It’s just… so unpleasant.

Most okay episode? Hmm... picking a random one off the top of my head... probably Scare Master.

Most forgettable episode? A Bird in the Hoof.

Fav episode focused on your fav Mane Six member? A three-way tie between The Mane Attraction, Leap of Faith and The Last Roundup.

Fav episodes focused on the other Mane Six? R: A tie between Rarity Takes Manehatten and Sisterhooves Social. RD: A tie between Tanks for the Memories and Wonderbolts Academy. FS: A tie between It Ain't Easy Being Breezies and Hurricane Fluttershy. TS: A tie between Twilight's Kingdom and Amending Fences. PP: Pinkie Pride.

And the CMC? Hearts and Hooves Day.

Don't forget Spike. Equestria Games.

Any episode you hate but everyone else loves? Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep.

The other way around? It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, Hearts and Hooves Day and Equestria Games.

Any guilty pleasure episodes? Power Ponies. I know the superpowers are pretty much exaggerated or downplayed versions of their normal abilities they already have. I know they straight-up use superhero clichés rather than satirise them. I know it would've been more interesting if the Mane-iac had come into Equestria. I know the villain is incredibly cheesy even by comic book standards. I know it makes the Mane Six incompetent in order to make Spike useful. I know the consistency is off with Rarity mastering her new superpower right away while Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight were having trouble mastering powers and weapons they've pretty much had their whole lives. I know it's an incredibly stupid filler episode ...but I love superheroes

Fav season premiere and finale? The Crystal Empire and Twilight's Kingdom.

Least fav premiere and finale? Mare in the Moon and Magical Mystery Cure.

Fav song? A three-way tie between The Magic Inside, The Goof-off and My Past is Not Today.

Least fav song? The Cutie Mark Crusaders theme song. (Rant time, yay!) Sweet Celestia, is this song bad. Not even so bad, it's good. It's still part of the episode and the writer still expects you to sit through it. The key to cringe comedy is to show others' reactions to the situation and make the reactions as humorously exaggerated as possible. Equestria Games did this very well with Spike's song (plus he was at least trying to stay in key). This song does not, which makes it all the more painful to sit through. The instrumental itself is fine on its own but the vocals... as if I even need to go into detail. The CMC are capable of singing great, as demonstrated in later songs such as Bad Seed or Hearts Strong as Horses, so that is no excuse for them not getting a little into it. I know it's supposed to be bad. Hell, I heard Daniel Ingram actually sent the song back to the studio because he wanted it to sound worse. But I'm sorry, Daniel, intentionally bad is STILL bad. (Rant time's over. Aw...)

Best villain? A tie between Lord Tirek and Adagio Dazzle.

Worst villain? Starlight Glimmer. Nonsensical philosophy + juvenile interpretation of equality + unsympathetic backstory + horridly-rushed redemption + plot armour that allows her to somehow be able to compete with an Alicorn = UGH...

Best tertiary antagonist? Trixie. But someone tell Sethisto to stop treating her like a goddess.

Worst tertiary antagonist? Garble.

Like Equestria Girls? No, although it's not "terrible" or "unwatchable".

What about Rainbow Rocks? YES! A major improvement over the first movie!

And Friendship Games? I like Rainbow Rocks just a little bit more, but I still find this movie pretty great!

Speaking of movies, looking forward to the 2017 movie? Uh, YES!

Fav shippings? SunLight, SunDagio, AppleDash, RariJack and CheesePie.

Least fav shippings? FlashLight, Sparity and TwiLuna

Fav bronies in the community? Joshscorcher, Silver Quill, Dr Wolf, Lily Peet, ILoveKimPossibleALot, ToonKritic, Ink Rose, Mad Munchkin, Eliyora, Draft the FilmMaker, AnimatedJames, JanAnimations and Wubcake.

Best kind of fans? Animators, reviewers, analysts, fanfiction authors, artists, cosplayers, video creators and musicians

Worst kind of fans? Lauren Faust purists, contrarians, pessimists, whiners who "leave the fandom" and make a big spectacle out of it, fans who believe their headcanons are right, and haters who insult the show staff by name.

Any characters you didn’t like but grew to like as the series progressed? Rarity.

Have a waifu? Sunset Shimmer... aaaand Sonata Dusk. Also Applejack. And maaaybe Rarity too... But also Adagio Dazzle. And sometimes Twilight on occasion... SCREW IT, I'LL TAKE 'EM ALL!

If you could remove one meme from the fandom, what would it be? "Applejack is best background pony". So what if she doesn't have crazy moments like Twilight or isn't random and crazy like Pinkie? She's honest, strong and hardworking, acts as the voice of reason, is very encouraging towards her friends, never backs down from a fight, is a great second-in-command  to Twilight, willingly ventures into danger to save others, has her moments of stubbornness but still strives to look after her family and loves for her little sister with all her heart. So SHUT. IT.

Can you name any celebrity you want to guest star on the show? Peter Cullen, Idina Menzel, Stan Lee, Liam Neeson, Kristen Wiig, Will Smith, Rob Paulsen, Ian McKellen and John DiMaggio. (I know that's too many, bite me, they're awesome)

And finally, what about a guest star to voice a one-time villain? Tony Todd, Steve Blum, John Noble, Grey Delisle and Jude Law.


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Name's Charlie, I'm 19, male, at Exeter College and I love anything My Little Pony and Transformers related!
My Fimfiction and Fanfiction account: Awesomo3000
My YouTube account: Awesomo


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